WILLØ Bring The Hype Edit Pack Vol. 5 WAV 320kbps

Mix4DJs 5 Months+ 286

WILLØ Bring The Hype Edit Pack Vol. 5

Booyah Mega Intro (128-150bpm)

Eat, Sleep Rave, Repeat (Alissa Baylee Mashup)

Outside Your Body - Moji Edit 

Turbulence (Alissa Baylee Mashup)

138 - 128 No Intro everbody dance ( Coby Transition )

150 - 128 Feel the Sharks ( Coby Watts Transition edit )

Blackout Your Mind Alive (Sammy Boyle Mashup)


Bring Surge  (Sammy Boyle Mashup)

Busta Are You Ready (Coby Watts Edit) 140

Dirty Scream (Coby Watts Edit)

Everybody Feel My Boomerang (Sammy Boyle Mashup)

F.D.A.U Lotus Eater 128 - 145 - 128 (WILLØ Trap Edit)

Five More Dallask (Sammy Boyle Mashup)



HARDWELL & TIMMY TRUMPET - The Underground (Coby Watts Edit)

Hit me Baby X One More Time X Easy(ColdeedMegaEdit) 1

Home To Joker ( Coby Watts edit )

Jetlagged After A Deep Party (Sammy Boyle Mashup)

Lay Down Bonkers (WILLØ Edit)

Lets Get Retarded Scrub (WILLØ Edit)

Like A Tres ( Coby Watts Mashup ) 160bpm

Nununu (Sammy Boyle Mashup)

PsyGanda ( Coby Watts Mash ) 150

Pursuit Of Happiness 24 7 (WILLØ Edit)

Seven Nations Deep Down 2 (WILLØ Edit)

Time X Lay Me Down (Coldeed Edit)

TNT Safari (Sammy Boyle Mashup)

Turn Down For What Macarena (WILLØ Party Edit)

We Like To Party X Party Till We Die(ColdeedEdit)

Whistle 128-140 (ColdeedTransitionEdit)


Turn up the club (Alissa Baylee Mash-up)

Damn N Night (Sam Maguire Mashup)

Havana Caliente (Sam Maguire Mashup)

Lick It (Sam Maguire Mashup)

Pressure Promises - Moji Edit

Sudden Cinema Death (Sam Maguire Mashup)

We Come Running Home to Zenit - T's Edit

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